Dukkah spice mix made from a complex mix of 12 nuts, seeds or spices to creat this unique and crunchy mix. Handcrafted with 53% premium australian ingredients.


Ingredients : Hazelnutº, Sesame*, Almond*, Sunflower*, Coriander*, Black sesame*, Cumin*, Sweet paprika*, Green peppercorn, Fennel*, Black cumin*, Salt.

* Organic

º Spray free


  • Gluten free & Vegan
  • Soy & Corn free
  • Low in Salt
  • No added sugar


Our spreads are artisan made, in small batches.

We have rigorously selected the best ingredients to handcraft the finest spreads and butters.

All products are natural, that mean we are not using stabilisers, flavours or any artificials .



Dukkah spice mix

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