Meet the team - Holy Nuts - Bertrand

He is the creative mind behind Holy Nuts spreads!


Passionate about cooking from a very young age, Bertrand's only dream was to become a chef. 

After he graduated as a chef in 1997, he started a pastry chef apprenticeship in one of the most prestigious French institutes "Les Compagnons des Devoirs du Tour de France".


Bertrand perfected his skills over 10 years by practicing traditional French pastry techniques, including one year in Germany.

"Les Compagnons du Devoir" is a unique school as you learn your craft  from experienced elders using traditional techniques.  Part of the training involves travelling every six to twelve months from one city to another to learn different techniques specific to your craft in different companies. 

He became a "Compagnon du Devoir" after he made a pastry masterpiece, who was evaluated by the Pastry and Bakers board of Les Compagnons. 

We moved to Australia in September 2008, Bertrand worked for a fine French patisserie in Melbourne for more than 8 years before we moved to the Byron Shire. 

In his spare time Bertrand loves travelling, riding his bike, walking, taking photos, practising his daily meditation at the beach... and cooking, of course! 

His Favourite spreads :

  • Activated organic pecan butter ...make a perfect combo in chaï

  • Hazelnut Praline and its light crunchiness!

Meet the team - Holy Nuts - Margaux & Hugo


Margaux & Hugo

They are the heart of Holy Nuts.

Margaux is our Little Miss Sunshine, warming up our heart and days like the sun does. 

She is passionate about music, plays violin and singing is her way of expressing her love of life. 

She is a little advocate about climate change and how we can all help reducing the waste in the world, bringing more consciousness into our daily consumption habits. 

She likes helping us to find eco-friendly packaging solutions for Holy Nuts.

Hugo is our bubbly Little Prince! Always something to talk about...

Despite been a really fussy eater, he loves cooking and doing everything by himself!

When not playing in sand, he is playing in water!

So his favourite place to be is the beach...

Luckily we have lots of amazing beaches and rivers in the Northern Rivers!

We cannot wait to see him grow up and, like his sister does already, help us find some new flavour combinations! 

Margaux' s  favourite spreads :

  • Hazelnut chocolate spread

  • Organic lemon myrtle macadamia spread

Hugo's favorite spreads : 

  • Hazelnut Praline

  • Hazelnut Carob Cinnamon spread

Meet the team - Holy Nuts -

Former wife of Bertrand, we still work together on Holy Nuts as we both believe it is an incredible way to share our passion for healthy and conscious food.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 


I am the Holy Nuts official spread tester! (Best job ever... I know!)

Passionate about aromatherapy, spirituality,  nutrition and eating quality food, travelling, listening to sacred songs and classical music. 


I am a professional art embroider and former upholsterer. I love textiles and arts.


I wanted my passion for the Art Deco style, goldwork embroidery, colours, textures and our natural lifestyle to be reflected in our product design for Holy Nuts.

My favourite spreads :

  • The complete hazelnut collection, depending on my craving... 

  •  "Oui Oui !"   I must have been a squirrel in a past life! Eating the spread directly with a spoon doesn't scare me... That's how crazy nuts I am about Holy Nuts spreads! 

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land  of life." 
Albert Einstein

Meet The Team