We are pround of  what Holy Nuts has to offer to you : a healthy nut spread, made with 100% premium Australian ingredients!

Not only you will be eating a NOURISHING SPREAD, full of HEALTHY FAT, FIBER & PROTEIN, which is so beneficial for your health, but you will also be supporting a small environmentally aware company. 


We sourced our ingredients as much as possible LOCALLY, or within Australia. It is a core value for us to minimise our carbon footprint for all our products. 




We are really blessed to be living in such a beautiful and diverse country, which provides us amazing vanilla Bourbon beans, cacao, carob, honey, spices and nuts....

By supporting us, you are supporting the Australian producers who are also working very hard all year around to ensure we have premium ingredients. 

We feel privileged to be working hand in hand with them, especially as they are trying to compete with cheap overseas production.


eg: 70% of hazelnuts worldwide come from Turkey. Sadly too often child or migrant labour with children working 12 hours a day,  7 days a week for very little money. We are proud to not be part of this exploitative system.  


If you are an Australian producer, with similar values to ours, and would like to work with us, please send us an email to We would love to hear from you! 

We do our best to source most of our ingredients  from producers using organic, biodynamic, spray free sustainable farming.

We also source wild harvested products.


For the packaging, we use GLASS JARS AS THEY CAN BE RECYCLED ENDLESSLY or REUSED as containers for your pantry or as second hands jars if you love making jams or chutneys!


We are working with two Australian printers, one using VEGETABLES DYES & FSC PAPER LABELS FOR OUR JARSand and the other printer for our ECOFRIENDLY BUSINESS CARDS.

We use a 100% carbon neutral delivery process. 




For our online orders, we are using Greenwrap to protect the jars. It is a WONDERFUL ALTERNATIVE TO THE PLASTIC BUBBLE WRAP.  

If we do send bubble wrap with your order, it is only because we are re-cycling it from other suppliers as we don't want to contribute to more plastic production.

We also use water activated reinforced paper tape. No nasties are involved! It is natural and the product is biodegradable.  Yay!!!

On the box we stamp "FRAGILE" with an artisanally hand made rubber fragile stamp. Another little step to eliminate plastic tape.

We try our best to reach our goals to minimise our impact on the environnement. If you have any other beneficial suggestions for our company please let us know here. 

Thanks again for joining our conscious food family! 


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