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Holy Nuts Logo - Healthy Organic Environmentally Friendly Local Ingredients Nutbutter Spreads - Hazelnut Macadamia Dukkah Spice Almond Chocolate Praline Cocoa - Holy Nuts Shop
Healthy Organic Environmentally Friendly Local Ingredients Nutbutter Spreads - Hazelnut Macadamia Dukkah Spice Almond Chocolate Praline Cocoa - Holy Nuts Shop
  • What types of food allergens do you have?
    We understand allergen problems so we take good care of cleaning food equipment. However we may have TRACES of other TREE NUTS, BEE products and others ingredients listed on the jars. We do not work directly with peanuts, gluten, soy, corn and dairy within our company. We hope you will understand that we cannot take responsability for traces present in our products due to shared equipment.
  • Do you use any palm oil?
    No we don't use palm oil and we can promise you that we will never use it. Holy Nuts support the protection of the Orangutan habitat. We work hard in our life to ensure we are not part of this massive deforestation and orangutan genocide. According to the, in the last 20 years, deforestation for palm oil production has caused the disapperance of almost 80% of orangutan habitat. If we don't take massive action to stop buying palm oil products, the orangutans will be extinct from the planet within 10 years. That's the harsh reality! As reminds us so well, the Orangutans are the "gardeners" of the forest, playing a vital role in seed dispersal in their habitats. They also have an extremely low reproductive rate (birthing one infant about every 3/5 years), so it makes their population highly vulnerable to extinction. So please, help us and don't buy palm oil products!
  • Are the spreads vegetarian or vegan friendly?
    OUR SPREADS ARE ALL VEGETARIAN! They are also made WITHOUT DAIRY as we know lots of people on a gluten free diet also need to have dairy free diet. We use a certified organic raw honey which is harvested in the middle of a national park in NSW for our : HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE spread HAZELNUT CAROB CINNAMON spread. Yes, some of our spreads are vegan and low GI: The pure HAZELNUT CREAMY BUTTER, contains 100% hazelnuts The HAZELNUT PRALINE as we use low GI sustainable cane sugar from Northern rivers.
  • Why use a stoneground technique?
    Since the upper paleolithic period people have used millstones to grind grains, nuts and others food products. We wanted to use this traditional technique as stone grinding releases the natural fat of the nuts slowly and creates this unique silky texture. It is a much more time consuming process than normal processing. But it doesn't oxidate and overheat the product as most processing does. It is the best technique to create these premium spreads, with more nutritional value. We don't want to compromise and add nasty oils or emulsifiers to create this smooth texture.
  • Do you sell any peanut butter?
    We wish to stay a peanut free company as lots of people with peanut allergy are looking to eat tree nut products without the fear of having an allergic reaction. Having close friends with allergies, we understand how hard it can be for them to purchase spreads. At this stage it isn't in our mind to produce peanut butter spread as we will need a second independant laboratory to create the peanut spreads separately. We hope you will try some of our delicious hazelnut spreads! Stay tuned if you love macadamia, coconut, pecans and others tree nuts... We should be releasing soon some new spread combinations! Click here to discover our new hazelnut collection!
  • Do you add any oil into the spread or nut butter?
    We add ONLY a bit of HAZELNUT OIL into our HAZELNUT CAROB CINNAMON spread as both cinnamon and carob powder absorb the moisture. The spread would be too dry without it. We selected a premium Australian hazelnut oil, that is cold pressed by an old artisan extraction method. We chose this oil as it was the best one to stay close to our product both in terms of flavour, and nutrition. Hazelnut oil is similar to extra virgin olive oil in terms of nutrition. It has a high content of omegas 9 and 6 fatty acid. So it is an oil which is beneficial for your health.
  • My hazelnut chocolate spread or hazelnut carob cinnamon spreads have crystallised, why? "
    It may be possible that the honey has crystallised in the jar, as we use only raw certified honey, which is harvested in the middle of a National Park in NSW. So it means there is no treatment involved and has not been diluted. It can be part of the natural and uncontrollable process for pure honey. It is SAFE to eat and you don't need to discard the jar. If you are still concerned, we recommend selecting a Praline spread (caramelized hazelnut spread) or a pure hazelnut creamy butter as an alternative as it doesn't contain honey. You can contact us if you got any worries or questions.
  • How do you mix separated nut butter or spread?
    When you buy or spread which do not contains emulsifiers, you will typically have a small layer of natural oil on the top, which has seperated. We recommend stirring quickly the jar EACH TIME you use it. Using a fork will help you to evenly distributed the oil contents. Don't forget to stir properly the bottom of the jar each time to make sure it will stay smooth and avoid to have a crumbly spread. You can also store the jar upside down as the oil will naturally goes up (to the bottom of the jar) and it will be easy for you to stir the bottom of the jar, after flipping it to the right side up.
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