Holy Nuts is a small family business established in the beautiful surroundings of Byron Bay,

in New South Wales, Australia. 



We created Holy Nuts as our top priority was to provide healthy and nourishing food to our kids. 

A few years back, our oldest child Margaux, was diagnosed with a strong intolerance to gluten, corn and soy. It was a new world opening to us... A world which firstly appeared with restrictions and frustrations. But we wanted to find a way of having a fun, nutritionally rewarding and yummy diet.

With time we have found healthy and tasty substitutes and are now really happy with this new diet experience !

As we tried some commercial "healthy" nut spreads, we didn't find the taste, texture or nutritional value we wanted. Margaux's new diet made us more aware of hidden nasties, sugar and fats. And more cautious about the claim companies have about their brand... We wanted to eat only natural food, with no refined sugar!  


We were missing the stoneground nut spreads we were eating when we were living in France. So we started to make some small hand made batches.

An idea was born... Why not sell them?

Surely there are people in Australia, like us, looking for consciously made spreads! 

We didn't want to compromise on flavours or textures. We are proud of our products and their quality and their exceptional value.  It was a long adventure to create Holy Nuts spreads as we wanted premium ingredients sourced within Australia, with producers sharing the same values and love for their products, and sustainable packaging.


We wanted "our Nuts to be the Star", not the sugar. We wanted to be different from most spreads on the market, which use lots of palm oil, sugar and hidden nasties.


We hope you will enjoy them as much as we love making them for you! 

Why are we using a stOnegrOund technique? 

Since the upper paleolithic period people have used millstones to grind grains, nuts and others food products.


We wanted to use this traditional technique as stone grinding releases the natural fat of the nuts slowly and creates this unique silky texture.


It is a much more time consuming process than normal processing. But it doesn't oxidate and overheat the product as most processing does.


It is the best technique to create these premium spreads, with more nutritional value. We don't want to compromise and add nasty oils or emulsifiers to create this smooth texture.

Why a cOckatOO as Our brand mascOt? 

We chose a white cockatoo to represent our brand mascot as it is one of the Australian animals which eats nuts in the wild.  


And they are so beautiful, right?! We could not think of a better Australian representative; a great alternative to the traditional beloved squirrel that is used in France on the nut spread jars. 

Cockatoos are a symbol of freedom, change, peace and transformation. So we thought it was the perfect way to symbolize our brand and values.