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Stoneground - Pistachio Praline made with 100% premium Australian Ingredients


Ingredients :

83% organically grown Pistachio, certified organic raw sugar, vanilla bean.


Gluten free & Dairy free

Soy & Corn free

No palm oil

Plant based vegan


Our spreads are artisan made, in small batches.

We have rigorously selected the best Australian ingredients to handcraft the finest spreads and butters.

All products are natural, that mean we are not using emulsifiers, stabilisers or any artificials .

Pistachio Praline Spread


    Holy nuts is a healthy and ethical family business. 

    We use Bertrand's "French Savoir-Faire" to create this gourmet, complex and healthy spice mix. 

    All ingredients are sourced within Australia as possible, organic or spray free when available, with reusable and recyclable packaging, to ensure environmental sustainability and highest quality of our products.  

    Born in Byron Bay.

    Made with love, in small batches, in Melbourne, Australia. 


    Store the jar in a cool, dark and dry area.

    Stir before each use to homogenise.

    We recommend closing the lid after each use and not double dipping or introducing foreign matter (eg : crumbs of bread, fingers, dirty spoon...) into the jar to maximise the shelf life.

    To avoid double dipping, we suggest to take the amount needed in a side cup, so the jar stay clean. 

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